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Friday, December 27, 2019

Take Advantage of Brandon University Pre-Professional Programs

Brandon University is often the first choice for students considering further studies. The university can prepare you for chiropractic studies, dental hygiene, dentistry, engineering, environmental design, journalism, law, medicine, medical rehabilitation (physical & occupational therapy), optometry, pharmacy, respiratory therapy, social work and veterinary medicine.
To gain admission to many professional programs you must first complete one or more years of university study. One of their specialties is pre-professional programs: a selection of arts and science courses that qualify you for admission to a professional program such as medicine or social work at another university.  Brandon University offers some professional programs of their own, but their focus on undergraduate education means that you can gain a great pre-professional education there.
Students in professional programs cannot be passive learners; they must be able to work effectively in small groups. A BU undergraduate education features small classes, close interaction with professors and other students, and more contact with research. This is a great foundation for professional studies.
Graduate and professional programs often have limited enrollment with high admission requirements. A principal benefit of the educational experience available at Brandon University is academic achievement. Students do well in their environment and this is important in building confidence, fostering ambition, and enjoying the time spent in study. In addition to fulfilling general prerequisites,their pre-professional programs aim to provide you with a selection of courses that will help you succeed when you move on.
Academic success means better grades. This is important if you intend to continue your education. When applying to professional programs such as veterinary medicine or law, or graduate programs such as an MBA or a Master of Science, it doesn’t matter whether or not you are already a student at that university. When the competition for limited spaces in a program is high, your academic track record is what counts. Of course, many professional programs are expensive, and they can help you become a credible scholarship candidate too.
For more information on pre-requisites for the programs in Brandon University, please contact us at info@flanneledultd.com or call +2348137690678, +393319161626


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